Transform Federal Proposal Management


Transform Proposal Management


Save time.  Increase Win-rates.

Equip your team with a solution purpose-built for your proposal workflow.



The Current Problems with Proposal Management

Whether you're focus is business development, capture planning or proposal management, there's a complex process you and your team undergo when responding to an RFP.  Almost every company experiences challenges, no matter how sound their process. Common challenges include:

Patchwork tools not designed for your process

Tight timelines and resource constraints

Countless RFP & proposal status meetings

Nailing win themes, requirements, and cost every time



A Solution Purpose-Built For You

REQWIN was created to help our customers overcome these challenges and more. From I.T. modernization to healthcare and defense, federal contractors play a vital role in solving the nation's most pressing issues. 

From the moment we partner, REQWIN streamlines planning while improving communication and collaboration. Incorporating Shipley methodology and feedback from professionals with decades of contracting experience into our design, we help proposal teams work differently—more productively.  

At the end of the day, you get game-changing results in an easy-to-use way.  There are no enormous barriers to enable our solution, just quick wins and long term gains.  



How It Works

take the guess work out of planning

You can see every in-flight proposal and future opportunity. This produces more robust strategy sessions and allows you to truly maximize your competitive advantage. No more shotgun approach or mid-year free-for-all. Stay focused and reach your goals.

Identify and Mitigate Every Blocker

There are challenges associated with every bid submission. No matter the size or timeframe, issues arise that must be addressed. However, keeping track of and dealing with all of these is difficult. We provide an intuitive view of each and every blocker, so they can be easily overcome. 

Track All Bids through the Review Cycle

Now there's a way to track where every proposal is at in the review cycle. You can adjust resources to meet the needs of each effort, while growing your pipeline. Plus, you can make sure client work is never again put on the back burner to finish a bid. 



Don't Just Take Our Word

I was up all night working on proposals…
I need REQWIN now!
— Gabriel F.
Inefficiencies in the proposal process due to lack of collaboration and process cost us between 30-50% of our proposal budget!
— Michael M.
I left a top consulting firm, because I didn’t want to deal with a broken proposal process anymore!
— Danny L.


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