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GSA MAS Schedule Modifications

Updated: Jun 10

ReqWin supports GSA MAS Schedule modifications to add SINs, update pricing, add labor categories, and make administrative changes.

The new GSA MAS Schedule offers an opportunity to add SINs from former GSA Schedules. So, if you had a GSA Professional Service Schedule, you can now add SINs from the IT Schedule 70 Schedule SINs. A modification to add the SIN is completed by providing past performance, invoices to support your sales, and a technical capability writeup. We can help you submit the package, negotiate with GSA, and get the SIN awarded.

GSA Schedule modifications may be the missing link for your business. When it comes to applying for and being awarded government contracts, ReqWin has the expertise you need to succeed.

GSA Modifications

ReqWin helps companies like yours get on the GSA Schedule. Modifications may be necessary to help with:

  1. Competitive pricing

  2. Additional labor categories

  3. Administrative modifications to remove former employees, add new employees, or make changes to your business information

  4. Add a new SIN

We can also help you stay on the GSA Schedule during the Exercise Option Period.

Ready for a hand? Reach out.

GSA Schedule Modifications

Getting on the schedule and bidding on government contracts can elevate your business to operate at a higher level. This comes at a cost. The cost is knowing the industry, making the right bids, landing the right contracts and establishing the right system. That’s why you hire a consultant.

We can keep you in the know about any:

  • GSA Schedule additions and deletions

  • Evergreen extensions

  • Administrative items

  • New uploads

  • Solicitation refreshes

  • Mass modifications

  • New contract agreements, clauses, requirements and more

Keep Your Contract Up to Date

There are specific processes that are important if you want to modify or update your contract. This ensures the value of your contract. It also ensures that you continue to make money from that contract, by having it accurate and in compliance at all times. Modifications are specific to the schedule you are on. There are online modification tools, important contract clauses, option periods and more. Don’t take a chance of falling out of date, out of line or out of touch. Hire professionals to keep an eagle eye on your contract and the system to be sure you are making the most money from your contracts.

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